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Inspiring Female Visual Artists

Inspiring Female Visual Artists

Here are some inspiring female artists, who channel their thoughts and emotions through painting and design using various techniques. They use their...

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Inspiring Female Writers

Inspiring Female Writers

Here are some inspiring female artists, who channel their thoughts and emotions through words. They use their talents to spread positive emotions,...

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E-book coming out soon

E-book coming out soon

Women Inspired by Space April 23rd is celebrated as World Book and Copyright Day. Today we celebrate authenticity, freedom, and connection through...

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From Inner to Outer Harmony

Every change starts from within. "What and why" are the questions we may ask ourselves to begin the process of change. What do I feel, and why?What do I think about something, and why? This approach helps us learn more about ourselves and our surroundings; discovering what disturbs our peace; what...

Together for Peace

Today we are united in celebrating peace You must have heard the phrase united we stand, divided we fall. It is the unity around the common goal that motivates us to make changes. And what better common goal than to achieve peace and harmony in our surroundings? Europe Day is a special opportunity...

#WorldWaterDay – For Love of Water

#WorldWaterDay"Based on the fact that you are over 77% of water, and so am I and so is this incredible planet,what I am really saying when I say that I am for love of water, is that I am for love of you, myself and this amazing planet. What a powerful and simple idea this is, and if we are to...

Peace is a choice

How do you respond to conflict? Take a minute to think about how you handle tension in your life. Remember: “differences are inevitable, conflict is optional.” Try actively listening or agreeing to disagree to respectfully and positively handle conflict....

Empowering youth

Amina Agovic is one of the very inspiring young students who represents the core of Sanchild and what our mission stands to accomplish. We were honored to have her selected as keynote speaker to present her experience in Bosnia & Herzegovina as well her participation to Sanchild’s first pilot...

Be Kind

Making a difference in the world doesn´t have to be a monumental task! You will change the world just by being a warm, kind hearted human being.

How can we build peace?

How can we create more peaceful and sustainable communities? “The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs...

Peace starts from within

When you smile, life smiles back to you! Amidst all of our emotions, a smile is truly contagious and it spreads peace and harmony all around you. Everyone has the ability to grow peace for themselves and their communities. Let’s start the day with a smile!

Even small actions can have a great ripple effect

Every kind act, no matter how big or how small, makes a difference. Like ripples expanding across water when an object falls, infinitely expanding and vibrating in patterns we cannot always perceive, our actions ripple outwards and spread from person to person. When we are conscious of the ripple...

let all voices be heard, acknowledged, & counted

At the heart of SANCHILD conflict resolution methods lies an important method, a theory, a vision: Deep Democracy. Unlike state democracy where the majority rules, Deep Democracy goes further; acknowledging all voices and feelings, being aware of the diversity of people, and being aware of...


Homecoming, by Dr Susan Laverick

“Never again”, words repeatedly said after the horrors of the Holocaust (1941-1945) and Srebrenica (1995). Witnessing the ongoing war crimes and refugee crisis in Ukraine, we can only ask "why again?" SANCHILD is dedicating its efforts to promoting reconciliation, peacebuilding, and overcoming transgenerational trauma which prevents "never again" from becoming a reality. Srebrenica, a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was the first United Nations declared safe area, where people from the...

Deep in their roots, all flowers
keep the light. - Theodore Roethke

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