Here are some inspiring female artists, who channel their thoughts and emotions through painting and design using various techniques. They use their talents to spread positive emotions, tolerance and peace. More art and details about their work may be found in the book “Zene inspirisane sve(mirom)“.

Alisa Teletovic is an expressive and figurative artist, who holds a Bachelor of Arts and an Advanced degree in Electronic Design and Interactive Media (RMIT Melbourne, 2000). She has over twenty solo exhibitions and is a Laureate of a number of recognitions and awards.

Bunica cvijeca

combined technique

Anna Kozemajkin studied Jewish studies at the European Institute “Paideia” in Sweden, after which she joined the painting school “Ex Artis” in B&H. She works in pastel, acrylic, oil, pictorial calligraphies, micrographs, and watercolours on Rashi script.

Ljubavna posveta iz Pjesama nad pjesmama

Hebrew calligraphy 

Karolina Atagic was born in 1943 in the Reutlingen concentration camp, and grew up in Sarajevo where she paints since childhood. She has had several solo exhibitions. She is a member of Art America and in 2021 she was named the second most popular in the Balkans.

Sinajska planina

oil on canvas

Vildana Hrnjic is a graphic designer, activist and entrepreneur, graduate of Graphic Engineering. and Design. In 2017 she had the first exhibition of her first series of art posters “BE PART OF THE SOLUTION” in Mostar, followed by more international exhibitions.

Standardi ljepote (Beauty Standards), Be part of solution series

digital art

Selma Madzic – Djozo is an activist and legal consultant from Sarajevo. She is highly dedicated to the protection of democracy, human rights and freedoms. She is interested in abstract and free topics, without a set norm.

Mikly Way


Ilhana Latifovic holds MA in Painting from the Faculty of Fine arts (UNSA). She has participated in various art symposia in the country and abroad. She is also involved in graphic design and scenography

Macka na prozoru

oil on canvas

Selma Pandzic holds MA in Art History from the University of Tehran. She works with the “illumination” technique – tazhib, which represents a “visual text” and helps the content be conveyed.

Ljubavna posveta iz Pjesama nad pjesmama, hebrejska kaligrafija

Safija Veledar holds a degree in Microbiology and Chemistry (UNSA). She manufactures and decorates objects made of wood, glass, stone and plastic, paints on canvas and restores damaged works of art.

Zalazak sunca


Radmila Ivanovic-Pavic studied Sanitary Engineering in Prijedor, and currently lives and works in Orašje. Since 2018, she has been a member of the Association of women cancer survivors “Narcisa”. She expresses her emotions through painting and other creative forms.



Zada Pazalja-Sahdanovic holds the title of honorary doctor in the field of painting from many countries, including Peru, England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, etc. She has won 1st place 13 times in int. competitions and was included in the top 10 portrait painters in the world (UAE, 2020).


pencil drawing

Saudina Beganovic is an entrepreneur and coordinator at Vares Municipality. She is the winner of the highest municipal award “Honorary Citizen of Vares” for the promotion of culture, coexistence and humanitarian work.



Nada Erjavsek Stanimirovic graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje. She is one of the founders of the Association of Fine Artists and Friends of Art “Atanasija Popovic” in Trebinje. She has exhibited in dozens of group exhibitions (including Paris and Luxemburg, 2006).


oil on canvas

Melika Nezirovac is a professor of Turkish and Arabic languages. She creates her art mainly in aluminium foil, and she enjoys making jewellery. Besides teaching in high schools, she provides courses in crafts, art and creativity.


calligraphy, foil embossing 

Tatjana Mehovic is from Serbia. Life brought her to Sarajevo, where she found herself and her creativity through a sea of works decorated with decoupage and painting objects. Her shop “Radnjica sa dusom” is located at Bascarsija.

Radnjica sa dusom


Amra Pintul has been working as a religious teacher at the Elementary School “Bijelo Polje” since 1988. She has held nearly 30 workshops across the region, teaching women as decoupage, drawing on aluminium, making soap and other techniques.


foil embossing

Kristina Pehar graduated from the Faculty of Law in Mostar, and works as a therapist in Medjugorje. She started painting with the “gold embroidery” technique 15 years ago. Twice a year, it organizes free workshops, which are well attended.

U molitvi

gold embroidery

Dragana Seferovic-Pilav is from Foca. She holds a degree from the Faculty of Sports and Education. She draws on canvas with acrylic paints where she conveys emotions. Drawing helps her overcome anxiety and sadness.

Smiraj duse


Cvita Maric was born in Bonn, and currently lives in Mostar. She completed a course in wood and glass painting at the Turkish Consulate in Mostar in 2009 and is currently engaged in gold embroidery, glass painting, crocheting, and other techniques.

Golub mira

gold embroidery

Violeta Nikodinovic is a math professor in a high school in Pancevo, Serbia. She loves art and has been working with artistic applied ceramics for 17 years, using turning pottery wheel and baking at a high temperature (1220 degrees C).



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