At the heart of SANCHILD conflict resolution methods lies an important method, a theory, a vision: Deep Democracy.

Unlike state democracy where the majority rules, Deep Democracy goes further; acknowledging all voices and feelings, being aware of the diversity of people, and being aware of ourselves, of our own deepest inner experiences.

Deep Democracy brings emotions into decision making and conflict resolution, going deeper past a rational level.  The iceberg is a visual way to look at this method exploring the conscious (above the water line) and unconscious (below the water line) levels within individuals and at the group level.

SANCHILD takes peacemaking to the next level by encouraging freedom of expression in a carefully cultivated safe space.  Healing past traumas is about hearing, acknowledging, counting every opinion from diverse points of view.

By actively listening with open hearts and reflecting on what has been said, the group experiences deep listening, while developing respect and trust for one another.