On March 12th 2022, we again gathered in Tarcin, Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) to celebrate the successful completion of the first “HARMONY Project”.


Our HARMONY Journey started in Tarcin where we implemented our first HARMONY training week, from June 27th till July 3rd 2021, with 19 participants from 11 BH cities. Our trainees are schoolteachers, journalists, psychologists, artists, NGO and social activists, who, upon completion of their training, designed their Local HARMONY Projects.

During the 4 months of active work, with the support of the Rotary International (Global Grant), Rotary Club Sarajevo, a number of Rotary Clubs across Europe, and Western Balkans Alumni Association (WBAA), 17 projects were implemented in B&H, reaching more than 360 direct and 46.000 indirect beneficiaries.

About the event

This event was created to celebrate the accomplishments of our first HARMONY Trainees.

We were honored to host our trainees and guests from Rotary Club Geneve International, Rotary Club Schwabach (District 1950), Rotary Club Sarajevo and Rotary International Delta Sarajevo Club, who we thank for their valuable support.

Guests were addressed by:

Ms. Sanela Music (SANCHILD’s Founder), who presented the vision of the HARMONY Project and the future work of SANCHILD Organization in B&H and Europe;

Dr. Walter B. Gyger (SANCHILD’s Head of Advisory Board and a member of Rotary Club Geneve International), who spoke about the importance of a human-centric approach and building cultural bridges to promote peace in society;

Dr. Susan Laverick (HARMONY Trainer and SANCHILD’s Advisory Board Member), who shared her impressions of facilitating “Train the Trainer” workshops and supporting our trainees during the design and presentation of their projects;

Mr. Dalibor Parac (Rotary Club Sarajevo Representative), who presented the role of Rotary in supporting the implementation of mentioned projects and in creating strong partnerships, fundamental for accomplishing our long-term vision.

Panel sessions

During the panel sessions moderated by Dr. Laverick, panelists discussed their approach and methodologies, the future of their work and what is yet to be addressed in their communities. Their inspiring words strengthened everyone’s commitment to supporting HARMONY Project in B&H and beyond.

Connecting through arts
to change perspectives

Panelists: Marija Knezevic and Amila Besirovic

The importance of women and girls empowerment
to build a strong and successful community

Panelists: Dajana Sumar and Alma Hasanovic

Overcoming cultural differences
to pave a way forward

Panelists: Milos Popic, Arnes Tufek,
Dragana Koprivica and Edina Lokvancic

Human-centric approach
to bring peace from the inside-out

Panelists: Ena Kozo, Klaudija Ribic,
Merima Hafizovic, Ermina Svraka