Our Gratitude wall

We are very grateful to all of the people who contributed with their support through their knowledge, skills and donations.

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” – Kathy Calvin


It is our honour to be recognized by you.
Your contributions and support accelerate our work and help us achieve our dream of creating a more harmonious and peaceful environment.

Through the Global Grant award, Rotary International supported our first
HARMONY Project in B&H.

As 1% for the Planet non-profit partners, we successfully clean pollution, and protect our environment.

Rotary Club Geneva International supported our projects focusing on overcoming cultural differences and supporting children’s education.

Ruff Cycles is instrumental in realizing our projects focusing on women empowerment and ecology.

Susan Laverick Consulting provides instrumental support
in networking and communication.

Rotary Club Sarajevo is our key partner in making positive changes in
Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Your contribution makes our work possible. Thank you!

What Our Partners Think

“The participants of the HARMONY Project have convinced me that by supporting the implementation of their project ideas, Rotarians can make a major contribution to long-term harmony in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Walter B. Gyger, Rotary Action Group for Peace

“Perhaps SANCHILD’s HARMONY Project in B&H can break the destructive cycle of human behaviours by encouraging people to understand their differences and find unity in guiding positive change across fractured communities. SANCHILD offers a realistic vision that might ensure another Srebrenica never happens again.”

Dr Susan Laverick, Susan Laverick Consulting

“We know our nonprofit partners play a critical role in solving the many challenges facing our planet, and our core work is to grow the support that enables these nonprofits to accomplish even more. We are thrilled to welcome SANCHILD Foundation to the 1% for the Planet network.”

Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet

Deep in their roots, all flowers
keep the light. - Theodore Roethke

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