SANCHILD is a compound word which means “a dreaming child”.

San =  is a common word in many Slavic languages meaning  “dream”., it stands for our wish as a dream to implement our vision to bring hope and positive changes through our actions.

Child =  is an English word that represents open-mindedness, symbolizing the inner potential, innocence, and creativity of a childlike mindset. With proper care, we believe everyone, regardless of age, can contribute positively to society.

“SANCHILD” expresses our belief that every human being is entitled to live in a world where their dreams become reality, where their dignity is respected, and where they can find harmony and well-being. Our mission is to empower people to unleash their inner potential to bring peace and harmony in themselves and the world.


A non-profit, non-governmental, neutral and a fully transparent organization, driven by inclusion, support, equality, compassion and empathy.


A political or religious movement and do not want to be politically appropriated or associated with any religion.

“We all have the seeds of basic goodness within us, We only have to nourish them”

– Pema Chodron


Our mission is to positively transform societies, inspire and contribute to a culture of sustainable peace and harmonious living. This is achieved through our human-centric programs and our four focus pillars: education, well-being, personal and socio-economic development, and environmental sustainability.


Historically, people in the Western Balkans lived together peacefully, despite cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity. However, during the prolonged civil war of the 1990s, they experienced continuous violence and the traumatic experience of ethnic cleansing, rape, and torture. Therefore, we currently mainly operate in the Balkan region, where many young people live with the self-perpetuating cycle of post-war terror, enduring trans-generational trauma and fear of differences. However, we plan to grow and expand to other regions on local, national and international levels.

Our goal is to provide communities with transformational tools in an environment that promotes sustainable peace and inclusion. This will ultimately encourage human beings to reach harmony in themselves and in their communities.

Our approach is human-centric and permeates our entire work. This means promoting inclusion, diversity, equality, compassion, empathy and love for human beings and nature.

Our Projects fall within 4 pillars:



Social and economic development

Sustainable environment

Our Projects fall within 4 pillars:


Our main focus is positive and measurable development of societies. This occurs through empowerment of individuals (via educational and well-being programs) and facilitation of economic growth by promoting green entrepreneurship, innovative technologies and technical solutions. The creation of sustainable peace frames this initiative.


SANCHILD regards education as the prerequisite for global harmony and peace. Therefore, we aim to implement non-formal educational projects for all generations, to promote critical thinking, prevent conflicts, and build interpersonal trust and mutual understanding. Education is essential for the success of all 17 of the UN Sustainable goals (SDGs), and we acknowledge its vital role for peace and development.


With our holistic approach, we aim to support individuals in their process of trauma-healing, empowerment and building inner-peace and compassionate connection with their surroundings. We believe that we have three homes: our mind, our bodies and Earth, and continuous nourishment of all brings harmony, peace and stability in communities.



Taking care of the environment is one of the keys for prosperity. We aim to develop programs that will promote a green economy, mindful understanding of our responsibility to care for nature.


Our driving force is the belief in a harmonious world.
We dedicate ourselves to human well-being, operating through our values:


We are passionate individuals who are fueled by a shared belief in the innate capacity of each person to drive positive change.

Inclusion & Diversity

We are committed to fostering a safe and welcoming space for everyone, driving multicultural dynamics that propel the success of our projects, spur innovation, and cultivate open-mindedness.


We actively cultivate an environment of listening, sharing, and mutual support to empower each other in our continuous development.


We uphold the belief that respect is the foundation of healthy relationships. It enables us to collaborate effectively, engage in constructive dialogues, and address conflicts with honesty and integrity.


We embrace the power of unconstrained thinking, encouraging a fresh perspective and recognizing the abundant potential for forging connections between diverse disciplines and ways of thinking.


We create unique solutions for both humanity and the environment of tomorrow, grounded in sustainable social and economic development. We are dedicated to translating innovative ideas into impactful social and technical solutions.


We are on a relentless quest for excellence, harnessing available resources to drive socio-economic initiatives that pave the way for the prosperity of humanity.


We hold the belief that true emulation of nature’s dynamics and sustainable human flourishing can only be achieved through the steadfast protection of the environment.

We are committed to making a positive impact in society by contributing to the UN SDGs.

Deep in their roots, all flowers
keep the light. - Theodore Roethke

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