Amina Agovic is one of the very inspiring young students who represents the core of Sanchild and what our mission stands to accomplish. We were honored to have her selected as keynote speaker to present her experience in Bosnia & Herzegovina as well her participation to Sanchild’s first pilot workshop “From Inner to Outer Peace” at the Rotary Peace Symposium in Hamburg this year.

Amina grew up in Sarajevo and in her keynote speech at the Peace Symposium she says “It is scary and tiring to live in a country where you always must express what your ethnical identity is, and your future depends on that ONLY. War stopped. Hate speech never did. Conflict never did. People separation never did. We are born living the differences, but we live in fear of them.”

After helping to organize and participate in our pilot workshop “From Inner to Outer Peace” in Sarajevo, Amina was amazed by the experience and positive impact it had on her, she continues to work closely with Sanela Music, Founder & President of Sanchild, to grow our program and other local projects. She says: “the way we want to bring the change is by creating the positive environment, by empowering and giving support to young people. We will create environment where we have escaped the vicious circle of stereotyping and talking differences.”