As part of the Harmony Ripples program, Dragana is implementing this year her project called  Self-confidence is IN. The project lasted 4  days, at the end of October and the participants were high school students. The two-day training was held at Vlašić for students of the Franciscan Classical High School. Activities were organized from 20.- 21.10.2023. The workshop topic is stress and how to deal with the challenges of stress. The students had the opportunity to talk about strategies in the fight against stress that they use and learn new methods. Through a variety of workshops ranging from sports, recreational, and social games to research-type, students had the opportunity to get to know themselves better and to relax and enjoy themselves, as well as learn to appreciate the time set aside for themselves and their mental health. After workshops at Vlašiš mountain, other activities were held in Visoko.

The main objectives of the project were:


Developing critical thinking, peaceful dialogue among peers, public speaking without fear, and getting to know your country


Finding inner peace, time for meditation and time for themselves, quiet listening in the process to overcome fears and burn-out.


Show them and teach them how to overcome stress and burn-out to become successful, healthy citizens of Bosnian society, building up one’s self-esteem.

Nowadays, students are constantly under high pressure to maintain perfect GDPs, being top-notch students, polite and nice, students who mostly are fulfilling the dreams and expectations of their parents and family. They don’t have time to relax and enjoy life and just be ordinary teenagers. They work hard to accomplish all the aims and goals set by their families and the society they live in.

Due to this, they don’t seem happy, they are nervous because of that burden which is imposed onto them, and they unconsciously are burning out. One of the goals of the project was to give them some free time to enjoy with their peers who face the same problem, just to breathe fresh air and dedicate some time to their inner peace.  Psychologists/social workers were there to talk to them and to emphasize the importance of giving some free time to oneself and that being perfect doesn’t mean that one has to forget about its rights and wishes, on the contrary, only if one overcomes fear and stress they will be able to tackle with all the problems that future brings.

Young people force themselves to the limits to make something of their life. They are under a lot of pressure without being aware of inner peace, and physical and mental health. In pursuit of a better life, they forget about their health. So this project was covering that topic and activities intended to help the young population have a better life.

These photographs are published with the legal consent of participants or their guardians. They are courtesy of NGO SANCHILD, so please do not use them without our permission.


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