“We are all a unique mosaic of all the possible identities we share with other people.”

Amina Agovic, TEDx DIT

Drawing Peace Inside-Out

We are happy to announce that our upcoming HARMONY Project and the human-centric approach were presented during the TEDx Ripples- TEDx event in Deggendorf, Germany, on December 5th 2019. 

About the topic

Sustainable peace is a result of many interacting components, such as conflict resolution, cooperation and inner peace. People of Balkans are held captive in a state of permanent conflict and the awareness and employment of multiple peace-forming components could be the way forward.

About the speaker

Amina Agovic was born in 1995, in war-torn Sarajevo, where she later completed her undergraduate studies in Genetics and Bioengineering. Ever since her teenage years, Amina was involved with different NGO’s, often on projects advocating the role of sustainable peace among Bosnian youth, one of which was the „Youth Peace Ambassadors“ project under the scope of United Religions Initiative (URI). In 2017, Amina assisted the organization of „From Inner to Outer Peace“ project and the follow-up street exhibiton named „Inside-Out B&H“. Now a graduate student of biosciences at the University of Groningen, Netherlands, Amina is still interested and concerned with peace-related issues, specifically relating to the Balkans.