For over 20 years Justin Friedman has been working in the environmental and wellbeing sectors across the UK, Europe, Asia, the USA, and South Africa. Friedman actually means Man of Peace and Justin seeks to support peacebuilding with ourselves, each other, and the planet. He focuses on driving large-scale behavior changes.

He has provided facilitation, strategic planning, Creative Direction, Communication, and Campaign strategies for social entrepreneurs, non-profits, foundations, governments, businesses, ecolabels, and celebrities. He focuses on working with organizations to support their resilience by providing them with powerful knowledge around restorative and regenerative principles.

He founded FLOW (For Love Of Water) in SA which has linked Government, Corporate, Media, and Civil society through media, design, events, product, and POS Innovation in order to create lasting behavior change. He also helped to create Water Access and Awareness at the 2010 World Cup and co-hosted UN-Habitat and UN-Water. He recently developed a Water Offset tool that facilitates users being able to offset their water usage to projects that save water, create jobs, and provide water services to communities.

Justin was network leader at Biomimicry SA for 5 years where he was Project Lead on various Government Tenders and recently completed his work on the pioneering pilot project Genius of SPACE in Langrug Informal Settlement in the Western Cape. He oversaw the Project and Process Management for the life of the project.

Justin showcases his love for the arts by producing and directing musical tracks and performances which drive environmental behavior change at live events including The 2010 FIFA World Cup and TedX and for the UN. He also has licensed and distributed documentary films. Justin was a candidate for the Green Party of SA in 2019.

Justin is currently providing Advisory Services for Pioneering People & Projects. He has been supporting SANCHILD’s activities since 2015.