SANCHILD is building partnerships with one of the greatest peacebuilding organizations in the world: Rotary International.

Our upcoming HARMONY Project will bring positive changes to individuals and their environments, by delivering carefully designed educational and mindfulness programs to local professionals, who will continue their everyday work with the focus on peacebuilding.

Rotary International is our great inspiration, as its members selflessly support and implement projects across the globe, supporting education, healthcare, art, and all aspects of lives, making people’s environment more sustainable and peaceful.

Therefore, we are grateful to start our new partnership with Rotary Club Sarajevo, with whom we signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which will ensure the implementation of our first HARMONY Project and its later continuation in the upcoming years. Such partnership is crucial for the support of Rotary International and Global Grant.

MOU was signed in Sarajevo, B&H between: (left) Mr. Dalibor Parac, President of RC Sarajevo; (middle) Ms. Sanela Music, Founder and President of SANCHILD Association and member of RC Geneve International; (right) Dr. Walter B. Gyger, Member of RC Geneve International.