Harmony Program

HARMONY Program is an educational curriculum, carefully designed by a team of international experts from different fields, to improve personal and professional capacities of the local professionals, their close circles and wider communities. It is a set of methodologies, approaches, workshops, and training sessions, that focus on the personal well-being, inner-peace, interpersonal skills, and collaborations that accelerate problem-solving with a human-centric approach.

We believe that positive changes in society are only possible if we first make positive changes within ourselves. HARMONY Program is tailor made according to the needs of the beneficiaries and communities, therefore, can be implemented in every country. The Program is delivered through a series of HARMONY Projects continuously implemented across the region throughout the years, to create a long-lasting ripple effects that positively transform societies who need it the most.

One HARMONY Project starts as the “Train the Trainer” program, during which participants (trainees) create and afterwards implement their own “Ripple” project to address an important topic in their school, organization, local or wider community.

HARMONY Project envisions a long-term, ripple effect of inspiring positive changes that contribute to peace and harmony in society.


Highly skilled professionals and exemplary community leaders are carefully selected to undergo “Train the Training” program and become coaches. Working in groups and with their mentors during an intense training, these professionals (teachers, journalists, social and youth workers, entrepreneurs, artists, and others) improve their personal and professional capacities, and integrate a human-centric approach into their work.

This 7-module training program is designed by a team of international experts in psychology, somatic experience, team and conflict management, communication and project management, and other related fields. Modules focus on individual well-being, interpersonal connections, and trust-building, with a unique “from inner-to-outer peace” approach. Upon completed education, using their unique professional skillset, learned methodologies and SANCHILD´s values – trainees return to their communities to implement their own “Ripple” projects and accelerate HARMONY vision to inspire positive changes.


HARMONY Ripples are series of continuously implemented projects, that are addressing some of the most complex and pressing issues in smaller (schools, organizations, refugee centers) and wider communities (cities, online).

Upon completing the Training program, trainees collaborate with the HARMONY Network to create their own projects that are repeatedly implemented to ensure the sustainability of the impact and a long-term problem solution.

All of the projects employ human-centric approach and different methodologies to effectively tackle issues, including: overcoming cultural, ethnic and religious differences, trauma-healing and mental well-being, preventing cycles of human trafficking, abuse and violence, breaking prejudices and stereotypes, environmental protection, supporting the integration of refugees and marginalized groups, promoting artists and entrepreneurs in their early careers, women and girls empowerment, and other important topics. 

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters
to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa


Train the Trainer Program

From June 27th – July 3rd, 2021, we organized our first training week in Tarcin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with 19 participants from 11 cities in B&H. Our trainees are schoolteachers, journalists, psychologists, NGO and social activists and artists.

From June 27th – July 3rd, 2021, we organized our first training week in Tarcin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with 19 participants from 11 cities in B&H. Our trainees are schoolteachers, journalists, psychologists, NGO and social activists and artists.

Inspired and guided by our 13 facilitators, they created their own projects tackling key societal issues – cultural and ethnic differences and stereotypes, women and girls empowerment, human trafficking, sexual violence and abuse, emotions and well-being. They actively worked from September until December 2021, organizing training sessions, lectures, round tables, art events, publishing online articles, etc,
and have implemented 17 “Local HARMONY Projects”.

“The Inside-Out workshop was a genuinely life-changing experience for me. I went in with no idea what to expect but over the course of just a couple of hours taking part in activities that reshaped the way that I thought about peace as something that has to be built from inside all of us. A room full of strangers became good friends over the course of the session, and I think we all came out with a new appreciation of the power of interpersonal connection.”

George Foden, Social Activist, UK
Pilot project participant, 2017

“The most important goal is to bring consciousness on how important we are to each other as human beings, and that we cannot be complete without others by our side.”

Edisa Demic, Pedagogy Professor
HARMONY Trainee, 2021

“Perhaps SANCHILD’s HARMONY Project in B&H can break the destructive cycle of human behaviours by encouraging people to understand their differences and find unity in guiding positive change across fractured communities.”

Dr Susan Laverick, Communications Expert, France

“The atmosphere that we created at the Inside-Out workshop helped me to open up. It was peaceful, friendly, open, inclusive, nonjudgmental, and reflexive but also energetic, empowering and emotional. It was a unique opportunity to learn about myself and my relationship with other people. There are no words to describe it, but I would definitely do it again and recommend it.”

Eleonora Costa, Humanitarian worker, Italy
Pilot project participant, 2017

“While the history should be used for teaching peace, different historical and cultural narratives in B&H are a huge problem for further peace-building. By teaching multiple perspectives we can create mutual understanding and critical thinking.”

Danijel Cakaric, History and English Language Teacher, B&H

HARMONY Trainee, 2021

“The participants of the HARMONY Project have convinced me that by supporting the implementation of their project ideas, Rotarians can make a major contribution to long-term harmony in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Dr Walter B. Gyger, Rotary Action Group for Peace, Switzerland

“HARMONY Project brought together young people from all parts of B&H who are enthusiastic, optimistic and willing to explore ways to achieve harmony within themselves and how to spread it in their communities.”

Amila Besirovic, Performing Arts Teacher, B&H
HARMONY Trainee, 2021

Meet the harmony trainers

Sanela Music
Amina Agovic
Susan Laverick
Sean Andrew
Bugu Turkogul
Mathieu Piccot
Justin Friedman
Boaz B. Feldman
Silke Foegele
Quentin Goubin
Emilie Aveline
Delphine Obin
Anela Lebic

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