People  working together in a strong community with a shared goal and a common purpose can make the impossible possible. – Tom Vilsack

We are very grateful to all of the people who contributed with their support through their knowledge, skills and donations.
Continuous cooperation between local and international professionals, organizations and companies ensures the sustainability of the HARMONY Platform.


We are deeply grateful to our partners for their generous contributions and support that create measurable impact in deeply wounded societies.
Together, we address important topics, solve issues and successfully leverage our resources to provide programs that
bring hope and build bridges essential for long-lasting positive changes in communities.


Through the Global Grant award, Rotary International supported our first HARMONY Project in B&H.

Ruff Cyles

Ruff Cycles is instrumental in realizing our projects focusing on women empowerment.

Rotary Club Geneva International supported our projects focusing on overcoming cultural differences and
supporting children’s education.

Rotary Club Sarajevo is our key partner in making positive changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

community PARTNERS


International experts and experienced professionals in the field of well-being, psychology, communication and social work collaborated to create and implement HARMONY Train the Trainer program. They continuously support our work and bring new ideas that positively impact societies.


Psychologists, teachers, journalists, social workers, artists and other professionals are the key to HARMONY Platform’s success. Upon completing the intense training program, they continue implementing projects in local communities, solving some of the most complex issues. 

You can become a part of our story.

Would you like to contribute with the knowledge or a donation to support the Platform’s development? Let us know.

Would you like the staff in your company, organization or institution to undergo the training program? Get in touch!

We work across Europe and we can make a difference together. 

Deep in their roots, all flowers
keep the light. – Theodore Roethke

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