Building Trust in Post-War Communities

The 6th Geneva Peace Week took place from 4-8 November 2019. Together with more than 300 speakers from the whole world, we were honored to present our work in the Western Balkans region during the conference.


The leading topics of this annual event were: Global perspectives on peacebuilding, Building Peace in Europe, and Multilateralism in transition. The idea of this event was to broaden our perspectives on what is peace and is it attainable by sharing know-how and diverse peacebuilding traditions from the entire world.

Our work has shown that focusing on the inner peace of every individual and carefully developing human-centric approaches builds trust among people and lessens the distance and separation created due to conflict and differences.


– Stephanie Armangau, founder of ArCom, and a certified expert in Neurocognitivism & Nonverbal communication
Jelena Stanulovic, Charter President of Rotary Club Belgrade International
Ena Rajic, psychologist focusing on psychoeducational workshops and counseling of children, youth and prisoners
Sanela Music, founder of SANCHILD 

Synthesizing the science of emotions and the science of the brain, Ms. Stephanie supports individuals and companies in the process of building healthy relationships with tailor-made training programs focusing on self-awareness and interpersonal communication skills. Ms. Jelena pointed out that we can collectively work towards a culture of tolerance and peace by respecting others’ beliefs and opinions, and explained how such an approach brings additional value to our upcoming HARMONY Project. Ms. Ena spoke about the challenges that must be addressed to build trust in post-war communities, focusing on the Balkan region. Ms. Sanela spoke about the upcoming HARMONY Project and its interdisciplinary approach to create bridges between people and overcome cultural differences.


“I was invited to be a speaker to discuss the subject of “Building Trust in Post War Communities” and to perform my own spoken word poems. Certainly, it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life!

-Ena Rajic