Our HARMONY Platform is growing!

We are honoured to announce that MFS-EMMAUS joined our HARMONY Network
as a partner on the second HARMONY Project.

Our upcoming “HARMONY Project: Train the Trainer” is a carefully designed educational and mindfulness program, which will be implemented to strengthen the capacities of MFS-EMMAUS CSO’s staff in Srebrenica, B&H.

Upon completion of the training program, in collaboration with several HARMONY Alumni from 2021, MFS-EMMAUS trainees will implement a series of “Ripple” workshops and projects, designed for their young beneficiaries. 


MFS-EMMAUS (International Forum of Solidarity-Emmaus) is a domestic, non-governmental humanitarian organization established in 1999, aiming to provide assistance to all vulnerable population groups. With over 255 employees, over 50 active volunteers and a network of offices in Doboj Istok, Sarajevo, Zvornik, Srebrenica, Mostar and Velika Kladusa, MFS-EMMAUS operates on the whole B&H territory. Their projects are related to humanitarian, health care and social service assistance, and educational and inevitably emergency programs.

The mission of the organization is to create, support and vivify resources in which everyone, by being free and respected can comply with their needs and show mutual solidarity. In Srebrenica, Zvornik and Doboj Istok, through their boarding accommodation and the day care centres, MFS-EMMAUS provides accommodation, sponsorship and assistance to children from rural areas, who will be the beneficiaries of our HARMONY Project: Ripples.

Train the Trainer

In 2021, SANCHILD has implemented the first HARMONY Project, in partnership with Rotary International and Western Balkans Alumni Association.

Nineteen trainees created 17 Ripple projects, with 350 direct and over 45.000 indirect beneficiaries.

The aim is to create a ripple effect of positive changes in local communities, which we plan to achieve through our sustainable and long-lasting HARMONY Platform. 

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