Youth power for Better future in B&H 2.0

In previous event our team had concluded that 90% of young people don’t know about opportunities that Europe has for them. I still have idea to develop their education on high level to find better future for them. During this training participant (20 young people) will learn about what is necessary to find opportunity for education and values of volunteering. Our experience is education through youth exchange for more than 300 young people. Our main goals are: find opportunities, project implementation, then, project visibility necessary for professional engagement.

After last year’s success in Brcko, this project aims to increase the personal and professional capacities of youth across B&H, and prepare them for exchange programs and volunteering. This project focuses on cultural and professional exchange opportunities, important for students preparing for the competitive labour market.

The new version of the seminar will bring together three groups of young people from three different schools, where young people will learn how to use the opportunities that Europe provides for the development of young people from the educational aspect, how to implement the project and show project visibility.


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