“You are the power” is a project created to empower teenage girls through workshops about self-acceptance, identities, social cohesion and psychological processing of emotions.

This project is a result of the first “HARMONY Project: Train the Trainer” program, implemented in B&H in 2021.

We believe that positive changes in society are only possible if we first make positive changes within ourselves. By delivering our “Train the trainer” program across the region, both the philosophy and implementation of our mission will spread to communities who need it most.

About the project

Over the course of 3 months, 16 female students attended workshops on social cohesion, psychological processing of emotions, communication, and art therapy.

Working with psychologists and artists, they learned how to better process and express their thoughts and feelings, while discovering a lot more about themselves and others. They had an opportunity to learn new and improve their skills in active listening, using body language, communication in a conflict, properly setting the boundaries, which in turn helped them to regain confidence, build healthy relationships and become conscious of their power.

Participants were working with Klaudija Ribic and Eda Furundzija-Matic (psychologists) and Amila Besirovic (drama and audio-visual artist, also a HARMONY Trainee). The final workshop was held in the Creative Art Studio in Sarajevo where girls drew portraits based on their self-perceptions. Finally, they visited the Museum of Illusions in Sarajevo, to strengthen their new friendships.

The implementation of this project was supported by the Rotary International (Global Grant) and NGO SANCHILD.

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HARMONY Project is a platform for education of professionals, designed with the focus on individual well-being, interpersonal connections, and trust-building.

One HARMONY Project starts as the “Train the Trainer” program, where participants (trainees) undergo 7 training modules carefully designed by the international coaches, and results in the Local HARMONY Projects. Each project is designed by one trainee and addresses one issue or an important topic in their local communities, and is implemented by employing their unique skill set, SANCHILD’s values and the HARMONY Project mission to inspire positive changes. Finally, the projects may continue to be improved and implemented in the future, to create “long-lasting ripple effects that positively transform societies”.

About HARMONY Trainee


“This project will teach children how to recognize their emotional needs, learn how to deal with them, make them comfortable with themselves, and above all, will help raising confident young people who will be able to manage their lives on their own.”

Klaudija Ribic is a psychologist, currently working in the local high school in Travnik, B&H. She also has a background in transactional analysis and statistical data processing. Her primary interests are media literacy, social cohesion, and working with children with behavioral problems.


These photographs are published with the legal consent of participants or their guardians. They are courtesy of NGO SANCHILD, so please do not use them without our permission.


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