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The young cast of the play “Behind the walls”, which premiered in 2021, will expand, bringing new stories to continue tackling complex issues related to kidnapping, bullying, domestic violence and children’s rights.

While watching the play and participating in round tables, the spectators face unforeseen difficult situations that can happen to anyone in life due to a moment of disregard. They will become aware of the importance of developing empathy, ways and models of overcoming trauma, and the need to provide support in overcoming trauma to victims and observers. The play deals with the topic of kidnapping a girl and the development of various possible stories that are related to the theft of a girl from the perspective of different roles.

In order for the play to be performed, it will be necessary to replace a few members of the cast who are leaving Tuzla to go to college in other cities. After the renewal of the play in 2022, the cast of 30 will continue performing this important play for high schools across the country and international festivals. Since its premiere in December, 2021, this play has been performed in front of several thousand students. After the performance, with a group of high school students and a group of adults who are interested, process drama workshops would be organized throughout which participants would build their story based on a certain perspective of observing the event from the play. Process drama, as a method of dealing with oneself, research based on our life experience and desire proves to be a very high quality and good model of work on developing self-awareness on a particular topic and connects the group attending process drama. The project was realized with the help of Adnan Mujkic who holds master’s degree in acting and a master’s degree in pedagogy and Edina Topčagić who works as costume designer.


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