Serendipity 2.0

“Serendipity” project empowers teenage girls by providing them with the tools to overcome complex life challenges. Working with professionals, girls receive training in self-love, self-compassion, dignity, empowerment, mindfulness, identities, etc.

Through the workshops, local girls from Bihac and the temporary refugee centre “Borici” will have the opportunity to work on themselves and learn numerous techniques on how to take care of themselves, and develop a positive self-image, a sense of self-worth and dignity. It is designed creatively and interactively, creating a safe space for young people where they will feel supported to express their needs.

In 2021, this project supported 18 girls, who, together, wrote a “Journal” describing their journey on the path of self-development. One of the girls wrote: 

I realized that I too have a soul, feelings and emotions and that both they and I are worth it. Everything I want to give to others, I need to give to myself first. Just as I have flaws, I also have virtues. I am a real person who has many layers that have yet to be discovered. (Cherry Blossom)


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