Through our study grants support and mentorship programs, we are dedicated to inspire and transform the lives of academically brilliant students.


Our goal is to provide students with the resources and support needed to help them grow into successful leaders who will continue to employ their skills while caring for their environment with love for humans and nature.

Our youth programs are developed to support skillful and talented students with an innovative mindset, by connecting them with experts in the field of their interests, successful mentors, coaches and donors who provide unique opportunities in their local communities and beyond.



Study grants for talented students


Mentorship programs that provide guidance, networking and build relationships with successful professionals


Educational programs that build confidence, empower youth and support their entrepreneurial and idealistic mindset

By transforming the life of one person, we transform entire communities.

“Education breeds confidence.

Confidence breeds hope.

Hope breeds peace.”

– Confucious

Our goal is to provide communities with transformational tools in an environment that promotes sustainable peace and inclusion. This will ultimately encourage human beings to reach harmony in themselves and in their communities.

We regard education as the prerequisite for global harmony and peace. Therefore, we aim to promote critical thinking, prevent conflicts, and build interpersonal trust and mutual understanding, by supporting academically brilliant students.

We are guiding positive changes

We value knowledge, hard work and community service.

Our SANCHILD Scholars are inspiring young people who set an example through their activism, care for the community, and volunteering.

By now, we have successfully supported the education of 3 students in Namibia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Netherlands, at the graduate and postgraduate levels.

Your donations positively transform lives!

All of our programs are created to support youth and their young professional careers, and our work is possible because of successful professionals like you, who, as part of our platform, contribute with their knowledge, expertise and donations.

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Would you like to become a part of our story and inspire positive changes? Support us!

Deep in their roots, all flowers
keep the light. – Theodore Roethke

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