Mental health matters

Mental health matters WEBINARS:
“What is TRAUMA, how does it manifest itself in your LIFE and how is it treated?”
“”How does transgenerational trauma shape our life?”

Daily life in an environment that does not support healing can be very demanding for an individual. Our wider social environment, but especially family and family ties, affect our quality of life. As a team, we believe that investing in mental health leads to positive personality development, reduction and prevention of stress and a large number of stress-related diseases.

As part of projects related to mental health, the SanChild organization held 2 webinars in 2023. Both webinars were open to all interested parties and were completely free. The coordinator of this project was Merima Hafizović, a gestalt psychotherapist Merima Hafizović.


The first webinar was organized on July 13th at 6 PM, 2023, via the ZOOM platform. 

The first online education aims to introduce the participants to the types of trauma, to answer the question of how to recognize trauma, and how to work on healing it.

Second webinar “How does transgenerational trauma shape our life? was held on December 11 at 6 pm via the ZOOM platform. More than 100 participants attended the webinar, and due to the large number of questions and interests, the webinar lasted more than 2 hours.

SanChild Foundation supported this even with the cooperation of Harmony alumni member and gestalt psychotherapists Merima Hafizović, and Vedina Ajanović, mag. psycho. Merima and Vedina have been active in psychological counseling and psychotherapy through an interdisciplinary approach for years.

Considering that very often the roots of our trauma lie somewhere deeper in our family history, this webinar aimed to:


Explain whether and how it is possible to heal the trauma


Talk about concepts of transgenerational trauma, secondary traumatization, and retraumatization


Talk more about the transgenerational chain of trauma


Popularize the topic of mental health in BIH society

This workshop was free, and the comments and feedback after the webinar were also very significant. Also, this ZOOM session was recorded and will be distributed to those interested via email or social networks.

The coordinator of the project was Merima Hafizović and she shared with the attendees several useful materials that they can use in the future.

With this webinar, the SanChils Foundation continues to work on mental health, and we hope that next year we will have more activities related to this significant issue.

In total, these two webinars gathered more than 200 participants and showed the public’s exceptional interest in this topic.


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