Future Leaders for Positive Change in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Between August and November 2022, the SANCHILD Foundation, with support and partnership with the Swiss Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, led a transformative pilot initiative titled “Future Leaders for Positive Change in Bosnia and Herzegovina.” This pioneering project strategically brought together seven dynamic young leaders from the Federation of B&H, Republic Srpska, and the B&H Swiss diaspora, recognized as proactive catalysts for positive transformation.

Functioning as a pilot project, its primary objective was to experiment with an innovative approach to foster good governance practices and initiate positive change processes. The initiative involved collaboration with a select group of dedicated young leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Swiss diaspora, individuals fully committed to the unity of their nation and eager to contribute to a more harmonious development trajectory. The project emerged in response to the realization that numerous donor projects, despite significant funding, failed to generate substantial change, necessitating a shift towards a more people-centric methodology.

Addressing the growing demand for changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s governance structure, echoing across diverse segments of the population, the project aimed to counter widespread disenchantment with politics. Recognizing the urgency for action, the focus was on promoting better governance processes to fortify the country’s unity for the collective benefit of its citizens.

The SANCHILD Foundation provided a supportive space to empower future leaders to envision a promising future for Bosnia and Herzegovina. The endeavor aimed at assisting these emerging leaders in translating their shared vision into a tangible action plan. A spontaneous survey identified five priority areas for the action plan: Economics (promoting economic development, creating prosperity, decent salaries, and generating jobs), Good Governance (improving the political system’s functionality), Corruption (exposing organized crime, fostering security and justice), Education and Vocational Training (modernizing education systems and overcoming discrimination), and Environment (environmental protection, addressing climate change, and reducing pollution).

Throughout the pilot project, international and local experts played a pivotal role, offering guidance during the preparation of the vision statement and action plan, advising participants during the validation and testing phase, assisting in consolidating results for the final declaration, and supporting the implementation phase. Communication specialists were engaged to help participants articulate their ideas effectively, ensuring high-impact communication that fostered unity through positive change.

This pilot project set the stage for planning a longer-term project. The insights gained and successes achieved in this pilot are guiding the creation of a more extensive initiative focused on bringing about positive change in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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