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“FLOW” (For Love of Water) is the first SANCHILD project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In August 2013, 20 children and young people from the small town of Olovo organized an event to clean up the water and parks in their city. The cleaning action inspired more people to join similar activities across the country, as it was broadcasted on social media and local radio. As a reward for such a project, organizers were hosted by the Swiss branch in Geneva, where they met Justin Friedman, founder of the  “FLOW” organization.

Trip to Switzerland

During their visit to Switzerland, young students spoke about the importance of environmental protection and how the relationship with nature affects relationships among people. To spark their interest in entrepreneurship, they visited several remarkable companies and institutions, including the Rolex Learning Center (EPFL) which mainly focuses on research and innovation, and Tridel, which promotes green economy and environmental sustainability by producing energy through burning waste.

They also visited important organizations such as UN Geneva, where they spoke about peace and what would they like to improve in their country. Finally, they met with Justin Friedman and his colleagues where they participated in the workshops on “What does it mean to be in Flow” – how to have an open conversation and create a safe space for personal development, group cohesion development, breathing, mindfulness, and acro-yoga exercises.

This project created an everlasting bond between coaches and youth of B&H, which years after resulted in the establishment of the SANCHILD Foundation in B&H and many projects that are now positively shaping changes in the Balkans region.


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