Alumni member of the Harmony Program, Emin Alić organized a project called Cyber World 2.0, this year in Kakanj. The project consists of 2 parts: a creative workshop in September and the final activity in October.
From September 8 to 10th of September, 20 participants – primarily high school students from Kakanj – had the opportunity to attend
workshops on the cyber world, new technologies, and the problems that these technologies bring with them. Also, besides Emin, another trainer – Adnan, and psychologist Nejra shared their professional knowledge with participants.

The aims of the project were:


To contribute to greater awareness of young people about the risks and negative consequences of inadequate use of today’s technologies.


To increase knowledge about media culture and the proper use of modern technology.

The Cyber World project is intended for young high school students, and through the project they had the opportunity to learn more about the negative consequences of using modern technologies, addictions that correlate with this phenomenon, psychological aspect, but also media culture and literacy.

Upon completion of the project, a different worldview of direct and indirect users is expected, as well as increased knowledge in the area to be discussed and learned.  Through a three-day education, 20 young people (high school age) got acquainted with the phenomenon of addiction to social networks, inappropriate content that can be found on the Internet, online violence, but also the psychological aspect through an interview with a Psychologist.

Young people live in the modern age, when they are “attached” from an early age to all the advanced technology of their time. At a very early age, they come into contact with phones, tablets, television, which definitely builds their personality prone to “abuse” of that technology for bad purposes. First of all, low or no media literacy is the reason that young people can not “filter” the content that comes to them, they are not aware that they are bullies or victims of cyber violence, or mechanisms to fight these negative phenomena.

Through the three-day education, the team intended to reduce the use of phones and smart devices, and find and show alternatives for more useful use of free time, psychological mechanisms to combat negative content, but perhaps most importantly to make young people aware that there is a problem. and poisons our future generations.

These photographs are published with the legal consent of participants or their guardians. They are courtesy of NGO SANCHILD, so please do not use them without our permission.


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