learning & rewarding through treasure hunting

The aim of this project was to create meaningful relationships among children, built on compassion and caring for others, while applying traditionally acquired knowledge in a competition.

This project is a result of the first “HARMONY Project: Train the Trainer” program, implemented in B&H in 2021.

We believe that positive changes in society are only possible if we first make positive changes within ourselves. By delivering our “Train the trainer” program across the region, both the philosophy and implementation of our mission will spread to communities who need it most.

About the project

The workshops were held from 26th to 28th of November 2021 in an isolated location at Vlasic Mountain in B&H. Fourteen excellent sixth-graders from with diverse backgrounds were brought together to learn new skills, apply their knowledge and build compassionate bonds with their peers.

Children were divided into 4 groups and during their activities and tasks, they were competing for the well-being of others. The modules were based on the application of traditionally acquired knowledge and skills, without using the technology, which in the modern age may be perceived as a disadvantage or unnecessary, but in this project was an advantage that brought them the victory.

Workshops included:

implementing mathematical skills in a competition where children planned the budget and bought groceries for each other for the 3 days in the mountains;

building empathy and writing all of their ideas on how they can help others;

First aid workshop: practicing the basic technique in providing the first aid to themselves and others in case of injury;

storytelling workshop, where, based on a few requirements, children wrote entire stories to express their emotions and thoughts;

Quiz in common knowledge;

and a number of pedagogical-psychological activities that aimed to improve their observational skills and trust in each other.


Finally, the students of the winning group were awarded a hidden treasure (4 laptops), located in their school. As they were learning about empathy and taking care of each other, their final task was to take that treasure and award it to someone else in need. Laptops were awarded to 2 exemplary and academically brilliant students in another school, and to 2 non-governmental organizations (Red Cross in Travnik and Svitac in Brcko). These organizations were chosen to facilitate their important work in their local communities and reach more beneficiaries.

NGO Svitac from Brcko was founded in 1998 and aims to empower youth through local and international volunteer activities, exchange programs and other workshops.

The Red Cross in Travnik has operated locally for several years, and with the efforts of many volunteers, they are supporting healthcare and social welfare.

The implementation of this project was supported by the Rotary International (Global Grant), Rotary Club Geneve International and NGO SANCHILD.


HARMONY Project is a platform for education of professionals, designed with the focus on individual well-being, interpersonal connections, and trust-building.

One HARMONY Project starts as the “Train the Trainer” program, where participants (trainees) undergo 7 training modules carefully designed by the international coaches, and results in the Local HARMONY Projects. Each project is designed by one trainee and addresses one issue or an important topic in their local communities, and is implemented by employing their unique skill set, SANCHILD’s values and the HARMONY Project mission to inspire positive changes. Finally, the projects may continue to be improved and implemented in the future, to create “long-lasting ripple effects that positively transform societies”.



“We live in a time where material values are the reason of segregation in our society, which can affect self-confidence and discourage children from further development. The still-present pandemic has largely portrayed the reality, by dividing children based on the conditions for online learning. Because of such situation, the value of traditional learning goes unnoticed and extraordinary children become the object of ridicule by the wealthier ones, which I find as the greatest defeat of modern society.”

Arnes Tufek is an IT and mathematics teacher in primary school. He worked as audio and video systems designer and engineer in a telecommunications company, and has been awarded a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2020/21 award.


These photographs are published with the legal consent of participants or their guardians. They are courtesy of NGO SANCHILD, so please do not use them without our permission.


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