“HARMONY Project” is an inclusive platform providing opportunities and constant support to the local teachers, artists, social workers, and activists who seek positive changes in themselves and their communities.

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 Highly skilled professionals and exemplary community leaders are carefully selected to undergo “Train the Training” program and become coaches. Working in groups and with their mentors during an intense training, these professionals (teachers, journalists, social and youth workers, entrepreneurs, artists, and others) improve their personal and professional capacities, and integrate a human-centric approach into their work. 

Upon completed education, using their unique professional skillset, learned methodologies and SANCHILD´s values  – trainees return to their communities to implement their own “Ripple” projects and accelerate HARMONY vision to inspire positive changes.

From June 27th – July 3rd, 2021, we organized our first training week in Tarcin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with 19 participants from 11 cities in B&H. Our trainees are schoolteachers, journalists, psychologists, NGO and social activists and artists.

A 7-module training program is designed by a team of international experts in psychology, somatic experience, team and conflict management, communication and project management, and other related fields, who continuously support and mentor their trainees after the training week.

Inspired and guided by our 13 facilitators, they created their own projects tackling key societal issues – cultural and ethnic differences and stereotypes, women and girls empowerment, human trafficking, sexual violence and abuse, emotions and well-being. They actively worked from September until December 2021, organizing training sessions, lectures, round tables, art events, publishing online articles, etc,
and have implemented 17 “HARMONY Ripple Projects”.

Our objectives

To train local professionals in self-awareness and acceptance, communication, group management, using the human-centered approach.

To support the implementation of their original projects in local communities.

To organize annual HARMONY Project: Train the Trainer programs in different countries.

To create a sustainable platform where alumni and trainers collaborate with other projects to implement the HARMONY vision.

HARMONY Project Trainers

“Train the trainer” program was facilitated by our international professionals, who delivered our unique education modules in the most inspiring and empowering way.

Sanela Music
Amina Agovic
Susan Laverick
Sean Andrew
Bugu Turkogul
Mathieu Piccot
Justin Friedman
Boaz B. Feldman
Silke Foegele
Quentin Goubin
Emilie Aveline
Delphine Obin
Anela Lebic


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