“Be in harmony my friend” was created to help teenagers to understand, overcome and embrace their negative emotions and facilitate their personal growth.

This project is a result of the first “HARMONY Project: Train the Trainer” program, implemented in B&H in 2021.

Students from 2 high schools in Zenica, B&H, participated in 7 workshops, divided into 2 phases. The workshops were focused on application of different methods focusing on processing and embracing emotions to facilitate personal growth and build stronger connections and understanding with the people in their close circles.

The students from the first phase assisted the teacher and the participants from the second, practicing peer-to-peer sharing.

These shared experiences taught them to accept their emotions and enabled them to become adults capable of dealing with their thoughts and feelings without being overwhelmed. Finally, all students took a trip to Sarajevo, visiting local yoga studio and practicing mindfulness techniques.

The implementation of this project was supported by the Rotary International (Global Grant) and NGO SANCHILD.

About HARMONY Trainee


“This was an extraordinary experience which thought me to appreciate life, people who make me happy, to feel more satisfied with myself and to be grateful, but also to try to help young people to feel the same, to manage to deal with their emotions effectively and avoid stress.”

Ermina Svraka is an English language teacher who devoted her life to making students enjoy while they learn. She is highly motivated to learn and experience something new. Her highest achievement is establishing a private language school called “Magpie” which she manages to run in parallel with her regular job in high school. She is creative and initiative and has a great leadership skills. She is interested in Drama based pedagogy and new approaches to teaching.


These photographs are published with the legal consent of participants or their guardians. They are courtesy of NGO SANCHILD, so please do not use them without our permission.


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