Mariazel is an expert in telecommunications by the UGR (Spain) and has a Ph.D. in micro and nanotechnologies by the EPFL (Switzerland). Back in 2014, he was a volunteer with the NGO Amani in Nairobi (Kenya) in what was one of the most important epiphanies of her life. In the past, she has been NGO project manager, and currently, she is an advocacy officer consultant in Geneva. She uses her experience to promote numerous civil society associations in the fields of education, youth and woman promotion, migration and peacebuilding.

“I look forward to sharing the technical and technological dividend that is often monopolized by the developed countries to share it with our neighbors from the South, North, East and West. I believe in SANCHILD, and I work to make this dream the reality where the Balkans’ population will find peace.”

SANCHILD Switzerland