Harmony project: RIPPLES 2022


HARMONY Project: Ripples 2022 are series of projects carefully designed by our HARMONY Trainees, who will address some of the most important topics and issues in their local communities. Inspired by the success of their 17 projects in 2021, this year  our Alumni will continue using art, mindfulness and different educational techniques to overcome cultural, ethnic and religious differences, promote youth activism and raise awareness about the environment protection, cyberbullying, domestic violence and many other topics.

Ripple projects provide a continuous support to the society and create positive changes across the country.

HARMONY Project envisions a long-term, ripple effect of inspiring positive changes that contribute to peace and harmony in society.


“HARMONY Project” is an inclusive platform providing opportunities and constant support to the local teachers, artists, social workers, and activists who seek positive changes in themselves and their communities.
It is created to contribute to the sustainable well-being, inner-peace, interpersonal skills, and collaborations that enables individuals, with diverse backgrounds, to facilitate lasting harmonious and positive changes for themselves, their close circles, and their wider communities.


HARMONY Project, co-designed with professional trainers, focuses on individual well-being, interpersonal connections, and trust-building. This creates a state of inner peace that impacts the outer environment, where issues are resolved with care and positive intentions.

How do we achieve our mission?

We believe that positive changes in society are only possible if we first make positive changes within ourselves. By delivering our “Train the trainer” program across the region, both the philosophy and implementation of our mission will spread to communities that need it most. The “Ripple” project phase ensures the continuation and the sustainability of the project, during which our HARMONY Trainees implement smaller projects in their local communities.

Our objectives

To train local professionals in self-awareness and acceptance, communication, group management, using the human-centered approach.

To support the implementation of their original projects in local communities.

To organize annual HARMONY Project: Train the Trainer programs in different countries.

To create a sustainable platform where alumni and trainers collaborate with other projects to implement the HARMONY vision.


Let’s create a better society

High school students from 2 different cities will challenge various concepts in the society, leadership, (in)justice, discrimination and prejudices, as depicted in the Lord of the Flies book.


The project will promote healthy communication and support 25 women and girls to break gender stereotypes, and end cycles of violence, prejudices, work- and relationship-related burnouts, and empower them to speak – up against injustices.


The young cast of the play “Behind the walls”, which premiered in 2021, will expand, bringing new stories to continue tackling complex issues related to kidnapping, bullying, domestic violence and children’s rights.

emotional detox

This project aims to support, empower and brighten up the days of women who have survived or are still battling breast cancer. The “emotional detox” will be provided through art therapy, meditation classes for women and their families, to strengthen their emotional resilience.


Through a three-day education with professionals, 20 young people will get acquainted with the social media addiction phenomenon, and how to shield themselves and others from inappropriate online content, cyberbullying and hate speech.


Since 2021, this project empowers local and refugee teenage girls by providing them with the tools to overcome complex life challenges. Working with professionals, girls receive training in self-love, self-compassion, dignity, empowerment, mindfulness, identities…

Bridging the differences

To dissolve and prevent further political tensions and ethnic- and national-based separation among people in B&H, it is important to expand teenagers’ perspectives and familiarize them with the country, people and cultures in their surroundings, emphasizing their many similarities over differences.

Youth ecochange

The main aim of the project is to enhance and strengthen the competencies, skills and qualifications of youth and motivate them to engage in actions that are combating the disastrous effects of climate change. The project will address the importance of volunteering, youth activism and engagement in the local communities in the protection of our planet.

Youth power for better future in b&H 2.0

After last year’s success in Brcko city, this project aims to increase the personal and professional capacities of youth across B&H, and prepare them for exchange programs and volunteering. This project focuses on cultural and professional exchange opportunities, important for students preparing for the competitive labor market.


This project aims to help children to discover their interests and find their professional pathways. With the help of psychological tests, participants will have the opportunity to discover their strengths, skills, ability, traits, and habits important in choosing a profession.


From June 27th – July 3rd, 2021, we organized our first training week in Tarcin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with 19 participants from 11 cities in B&H. Our trainees are schoolteachers, journalists, psychologists, NGO and social activists and artists.

Inspired and guided by our 13 facilitators, they created their own projects tackling key societal issues – cultural and ethnic differences and stereotypes, women and girls empowerment, human trafficking, sexual violence and abuse, emotions and well-being. They actively worked from September until December 2021, organizing training sessions, lectures, round tables, art events, publishing online articles, etc,
and have implemented 17 “HARMONY Ripple Projects”, reaching more than 46.000 direct and indirect beneficiaries.

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